Making a ballsocket that doesn't constrain position

I’m trying to make an advanced ballsocket that doesn’t force the entity’s position, using the onlyrotation argument. However, it seems to be ignoring the argument. Here’s my code:
[lua]local x = 0
local y = 0
local z = 180
local xf = 0
local yf = 0
local zf = 0
constraint.AdvBallsocket(self, GetWorldEntity(), 0, 0, Vector(0,0,0), Vector(0,0,0), 0, 0, -x, -y, -z, x, y, z, xf, yf, zf, 1, 0)[/lua]

Any ideas?

Use booleans, not numbers.

Booleans cause a Lua error. Check out.