Making a blizzard

Can someone help me out with this?

I’m trying to make an intense Antarctic blizzard where the maximum distance you could see is about 5 feet.

Like this

Any links to custom sounds for the wind would be much appreciated.

Strong use of Fog, env_particles and precipitation should nail it.

Use the ambient sounds from the bridge in HL2 and amplify them.

but how?

env_fog_controller i think, and type in env_precipitation i think. If it’s not that, it’s something similair.

env_fog_controller. Set it’s start to 0 and end to like, 50 or even less.

It’s func_precipitation, a brush entity.

Use the “snowfall” setting; for some reason “snow” is just rain.

Off-topic: I just checked the Valve wiki for the func_precipitation page, and it seems they’re already adding SDK info for L4D2. :buddy:


Forgot it was a brush ent :v:

I’ve never used it, but apparently the snow looks shit. Make a big brush with the trigger texture, make it a func_precipitation, make it ashes or ash fall (whatever it is) and copy and paste it several times, each time making it slightly off center.

If you do do that, which I think you should, you’ll need to optimize the shit out of your map, which should be relatively easy, as you won’t be able to see 50 units in front of you.

env_embers (Brush entity) is way better then func_precipitation

Just set your ember color to something white, adjust the amount of particles and their life time, pitch, yaw, roll, and all that good stuff.
Something to note:**
Source can only handle about 5000 particles being emitted from one object/entity withouht stopping.

So if you made env_embers density 500 and set the life time to 12, there will be a stop in the particles for about 2 seconds for the particles to die out, start again, then repeat constantly.

I haven’t tried this, but when the snow is falling, how about adding some env_wind? It might make the snow blow in a direction for that AWSOME BLIZZARD EFFECT! :smiley:

Off-Note: Did you know that Source can do up to 300Hz? It’s true! Think about it, may not seem that impressive now, but in 2004 (when HL2 was released), I bet they didn’t even have 100Hz TV’s that cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:
Dunno why NPC’s are animated at 60Hz though… I think you can turn it up however.
Yes Hz is the same as FPS.

What the fuck are you talking about, Hz is frequency, not FPS.

Also the date of an engine does not determine maximum FPS.

Yes… frequency is how many times the picture “reloads” (displays on screen, basicly we could say how many times you can take a picture) a second. FPS is the same thing.

Nice self rating you’ve got going there.

Either way, Measuring FPS in Hz is retarded.

Except that they are the exact same thing…
FPS is Frames Per Second, aka the Frequency of the Frames.

Made a particle effect for it not long ago, might not be exactly what you’re looking for but at least it’s there to use.

Oh, you’ll still have to add your own func_dustcloud’s and env_fog’s and whatnot.

…only that the Hertz rating is for the SCREEN. FPS is NOT the same thing.
Besides, what good would it do for Hammer to have a high FPS rating in the first place?

Thanks, that looks good…

But I’m trying to make it more intense, like it is after you press the button.
I don’t know how to make that…

Make sure to use an env_shake

FPS is how often the GFX can output new images to the monitor, Hz is the update frequency of the monitor.