Making a box around your map is bad?

I recently read somewhere that making a big box around your map with the skybox texture is bad for optimisation.

Why is this?

Yes. Read an optimisation guide. Specifically this one:



My god. I am genuinely amazed at my own stupidity.

Give me boxes.

The link works fine and it links to the optimization guide correctly.

If you just want to test the map use cordon bounds instead of a box around the map, make an optimized skybox for the final version.

Sure have seen you around here a lot ZOMG, I’m sure you’ll be a great mapper in the near future.

And yes, don’t make a whole box around the map. Be sure to only patch the map edges, so that you don’t create useless PVS boxes.

Golly :kiddo:

Thanks Sweet Swifter :v:


Urm… I don’t get section two.


Also, Is the hint brush a tringle and would you achieve the same thing by making two rectangular brushes at the mouth of the 2 corridors?

I’m not going to tell you the answer. I get quite sick of spoon feeding people answers and if you want to become a better mapper you should have your own problem solving and thinking skills. I’ll give you some hints. Think about how the source engine chooses what to render and what not to render, draw out both situations and think about different player positions within these situations and what the engine would and would not draw. It’s quite a useful skill to be able to think like vvis.