Making a "Character System"

I’m working on a roleplay server, and I was wondering if a character system would be possible? Let me explain:

First, when you spawn in the server, a menu will pop up and there will be 3 slots that are empty. When you click on a slot, it will bring you to another page / menu asking for a First Name and Last Name. Then you would choose Male or Female, and then choose the player model you’d like to use and then click a button (“play” for example) and start playing on the server.

I’ll be looking on the wiki while I wait for a response. Also, I’m not very good with coding in LUA so any help is appreciated.

You shouldn’t be trying to code this if you are not really used at Lua, you are aiming too high, first at all, you should be looking into networking, then vgui creation, so you start learning about serializing data, sql, db, text, etc
You should try to do something simple than that

Does anyone know of a addon that would something similar to this?