Making a cinema in an RP map.

Hey. So i was trying to build a cinema in a RP map.

Everything goes great and the whole cinema is done.

But when i try to flash my flash light on it, it wont reflect any light at all. Not even the projector for my cinema addon.

I have tried using the tools/toolsblack texture and cs_italy/black.

I am not quite sure what is going on. I even tried to put a normal texture on and zommed in on the black part. But still same problem.

Any help is very much appreciated.

I believe it’s because the entity uses clip planes, which aren’t affected by projected textures.

Its not an entity, just a brush.

Can you see if a DynamicLight works on it?

No light reflect on it at all. I tried to check Rockford cinema VMF, as the projector cinema addon reportely works there. It has the texture tools/toolsblack and its a func_detail. I did exactly the same, but it still doesnt work.

the toolsblack texture is naturally unlit, meaning no matter how lit up it is externally the texture itself will always display the same level of brightness, in this case pitch black

What would i do to get a plain background, that can reflect light?

You can make a pitch black texture and have it use the LightmappedGeneric shader which is what all textures you see on walls, floors, etc have

toolsblack uses UnlitGeneric for it to not recieve any light at all like that

Still, samething.

This is the material i used

Wait are you trying to get dynamic lighting to reflect back into the audience?

I got an addon that is a cinema projector to show youtube videos and such. I just used this light to show that it can’t have any light projected on it

I’ve never seen any cinema part of a map have a screen that reflects light, regardless, this should work

Are you talking about Wyozi Cinema Kit? I’m no mapping expert but you can toggle 2d/3d mode with that script, this is how we did it in our server if you want to take a look (it’s only in italian though).

pretty much all in game media players dont react to lighting.