Making a clan

I’m looking for people who want to make a clan with me because i’m tired of beïng killed by other clans.
They kill just everyone even fresh spawns like they are a threat for 20 man with m4’s.
My steam name is misterwhiterussian.
Let’s make a clan and dominate a server.


I’m in, where are you from? Send me an PM

I’m in, just let me know where we’re starting. I have over 500 hours of played time =D

i’m in

Send me you steam name so i can add you.

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What is your steam name ?


Im In If You Want

What is your steam name ?


I’m in man!!!My name on steam is “Mr.SaxoBeat”

MrDavid you haven’t added me yet.

I tried to add you but i couldn’t find you on steam can you send me a frien request

I sent you a link too my steam profile, how can you not add me? Did you try adding BloodDrawer? BloodDrawer is not my steamname, its my skypename.

im up for it Im blackshadow21