Making a claw scanner follow me

So basically I want a claw scanner companion in my map, so I’ve created an ai_relationship, an npc_enemyfinder (which is targeted at !player) and some info_node_air’s around the level.
My problem is, the scanner happily follows me around but he won’t use the nodes I’ve placed. So he bumps in to everything and can’t go through doors.

I’ve created a scanner that isn’t using the enemy finder and he uses them. So how can I get him to follow me and used nodes at the same time? What am I doing wrong?

Also, is there a way to get him to drop flares on command? I’ve had trouble parenting the item spawner to him so I’ve had to have him fly in to the spawners located around the level.
I also can’t seem to get him to follow paths very well, he isn’t able to pause or wait for the next command, he just flies off and does his own thing.

Did you checked the properties from info_node_air? You need to check which NodeID you have right now.
You need to tell which NPC needs to fly or walk.

Huh? The node ID can’t be changed.

I told you though that I placed a normal claw scanner in the level and he was happy to use the nodes. So that means they do work.
I’ve tried info_node_air_hint too but that just does the same thing.

Do you use the normal city scanner + the claw scanner? or just specifically one?