Making a completely custom playermodel

So I have this character model that I made over the past couple weeks using Blender. The problem is that I have no idea how to make a Garry’s Mod playermodel. I would’ve figured simply googling these things would yield comprehensive instructions, but either no instructions that match my circumstances could be found, or they’re just way too vague or confusing to follow.

So far I exported my model and copied a .qc file from the decompiled base_male PAC model, which I renamed to bandela_reference (seen in the screenshot below). Would anyone be so kind as to help me understand what I’m supposed to do next? I’m completely lost.

(The eyes are kind of weirdly titled. The left eye is Eyes.001 and the right eye is Eyes. I probably should’ve fixed that)

Please disregard this comment.

I dont know what else you expect us to tell you. There is a ton of tutorials on youtube, so much information on facepunch, google, etc. Stop being a dick to people who are trying to help you. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, I am sorry. But what you need to do is just rig the model onto a valvebiped skeleton. As I posted before.

Oh Jesus, I feel so stupid. Sorry man, I was thinking of Wavie. The advice you gave me before helped me out a ton and I want to thank you for that. Saved me so much time knowing I could simply rename the custom bones!

However, these YouTube tutorials are still very confusing because I have no idea what programs these guys are downloading and when they’re doing it, so I don’t know where to skip to in order to find out what files to make and how to compile them together. Seems like any point in the videos I skip to is either way before they do that or way after.

Forgiven :slight_smile: Anyway, I believe all you need is Blender to work on the model itself, and a tool to compile/decompile models. I suggest using Crowbar for that. Buuu342 has some nice tutorials on basic playermodels and weapons. You need to play with the model if you want it to work correctly, and also create a collision mesh for it.