Making a contraption, appear as one big prop.

Hello, I’m making a clipping code that when the object is completely clipped it transports. The problem is, that contraptions are obviously made of many objects. So once one object has been “clipped” it transports with the rest of the contraption. My question is this: How do I make the gmod think this contraption is one big prop or some sort of equivalent?

If someone answers this, and supplies you with the Lua to do so, you will not have created this mod - they will.

That is a total lie. He just needs to know how to get the stuff teleported when the constraint got throuch. Doesn’t mean they have to offer a full teleportation code.

Are you mental? All I need is a way to know if all the props that are constrained to each other have had var made true on them…

perma poly weld

Take a look at any script that works on all entities constrained to each other. The duplicator might be a good place to start.

Ok thanks will try that

How about checking the stargate-s code? It does exactly that.

This. Won’t lag at all.

Having to use perma poly weld will presumably not be a good solution if he wants this to be universal

What do you mean by universal? Perma Poly Weld is the best solution imo.

That’s not universal. If you need external APIs/external API extentions, it’s not a universal solution.

ty for explaining

Tried this?

I would suggest a combination of Perma Poly Weld, and once it fully teleported you place the old props at their original position!

The important thing to remember about perma polly weld is that ‘perma’ means Permanent, and he’s just trying to teleport people’s stuff about.
If using his teleport (presumably Stargate) ent meant that your entire contraption would instantly become an unchangable solid lump, quite a few people would decide not to use it.

I didn’t say anything about this earlier, because I didn’t really have any substantial reason to justify it, really, but to me, there seems to be something wrong with falling back on a module if it’s not really needed.

That’s just my opinion.

Anyway, my general rule on development for GMod is don’t use a module unless it’s absolutely needed. The API provides perfectly fine, and fantastic amounts of methods and libraries to pull this off if you do it creatively.

Do whatever you’re more comfortable with.

That is why I said, once fully teleported, you ‘revert’ it back by restoring the props. What means, you have a table with all the props/constraints.