Making a curved pavement

So I know there’s already a curved pavement texture for the inner parts… but I cannot find one for the outer ones, So here I am, trying to fit these textures in a curve to no avail. It is /imposssible/.

Any ideas?

It’s easy to make the textures wrap around, but tiling is an issue:

Basically select the top face of the straight sidewalk and hold alt while right clicking on the side face of the same brush on the inside of the arch.

Then deselect the top face and select the side face and alt + right click on the nodraw part of the inner arch. Repeat this step until you’ve replaced all of the nodraw with the sidewalk texture.

Then go back to the first inner face of the arch and select it. After you do that, alt + right click the top face of the brush to get the rotated texture. Do this for the rest of the top faces.

You’ll then have to go back again and use the “fit” button on each brush to get the correct scale. Figure out the X and Y values so the texture fits right one direction and then apply it to the other scale axis to get a square scaled texture.

Yeah uh… This happened. None of the textures are rotated, according to hammer.

You’re doing it wrong.

You… You are a life saver. This is the second time you help me out with this stuff. Kudos to you for this.

I’m totally adding you to the credits of my map if that is alright with you. Thank you! :smiley:

It’s fine if you want to.


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Sidenote: Is there anyway to make these fit better in?


Again, Life saver. :slight_smile: