Making a custom mod, a few technical questions.

Hey people,
First off, this isn’t a mega nooby thread thing where i’m gonna ask “How can i make modz n stuf?”… - because the mod itself is on it’s way to completion, it’s a few technical questions that i have.

I’ve got a few questions that are really annoying me because the problems at hand are not logical. + I’m posting here because this seems the most practical section.

Firstly, the background image and background map. SOLVED - In order for a background picture to work in widescreen, you must have one called the same as the original, with _widescreen on the end, this seems to have worked. Thanks.

Secondly, the startup video, what format and size regulations are there? because the current one says at the top; “Video error, cannot find vid;dsvd” or something like that, but the sound plays.

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

I think you might need to make the background image for all the resolutions.

Don’t know about the second option though.

For the background image, you make a widescreen and standard version.
To do it, load up your background map and screenshot it at an appropriate point (where the image looks like the average that it would look like while it plays out).
Then in an image editing program, you blur the image, resize it to 1024x1024 (don’t crop it when you do this, just let the program resize it properly).
Obviously, you do this once for the widescreen and once for the 4:3.

Ok then, what’s the dimensions for widescreen and the 4:3, because the one i have that works at the moment is 1024x1024. <-- which only works for 4:3.

Also, this isn’t the only way you can do it, because you could always try the L4D approach and have a generic mod/game dependant background that then fades to the background map/movie.


For the 4:3 try to set your resolution to anything that has a height of at least 1024, to prevent stretching later (even though it’s going to be blurred, it can still show).
Do the same thing for the widescreen (I don’t know what’s more common, 16:9 or 16:10). But again, try to use something with the closest to a vertical resolution of at least 1024.

Aaaah i see, so like, create it to 1440x900, THEN Resize it to 1024x1024 or am i not following?

Yeah, that’s how, but if possible, try a larger resolution, then resize it.

Thank you, but:
It just ISN’T WORKING!!!

I don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

Create image at a variety of sizes, save at a variety of square sizes, saved as background01.vtf

The CFG folder has the ChapterBackgrounds.txt saying:
1 “background01”

It’s just the blurred town square picture :@!
What am i doing wrong?

It works in 4:3 resolutions. -_-

I don’t really understand what you’re getting at.

But I’m sure you have to make one a _widescreen and the other without it. Each with seperate .vmts

I copied background01.vtf, re-named it background01_widescreen and it’s working!
Thank you so much.
Let me kiss you.

Oh sorry, I missed that part out because I figured I’ve seen you in this section long enough for you to know about the dev wiki and kinda figured that if you’re making a mod then you’d have your wits about you.

Yea, i’ve never heard of making it widescreen. Ah well, it works now, thanks for your help both of you, i can go back to being sane. :slight_smile:



A new quesion. Would anyone be able to link me to somewhere that would help me with editing the core parts of the game, things such as jumping height, editing the dialog in the options screen and such like?


You could try looking around here.

Why thank you :slight_smile: - fyi i still can’t get the background map to work -__- any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

And my hammer is doing this: - when i’m in anything other than source engine 2006. - No grid, no little x on the camera, and no way of doing anything. The original Half Life 2 hammer is working though. (I’ve been away from hammer for a good 8 months or so.)

Whatever game/mod you’re mapping for was made on the 2006 engine. So as it’s your mod, I’d suggest selecting the 2009 engine, then do the “create a mod” process again to ensure it uses the 2009 binaries.

You’re not allowed to use the 2009 engine, it’s not ready or something.

My mod was orignally “Created” through the 2007 engine, a long while back.

Source engine 2007 is broken.

Eh, is this a “Create A Mod” limitation or are you just misinformed?