Making a Custom Phys Gun

Well I am making a Serious roleplay server although I love players being able to build with the Phys gun BUT I think the Phys gun looks a bit… Well it just doesn’t fit in I was wondering if there would be a way to change the Phys gun mdl to a Invisible thingy, although I would the Phys gun to retain its Useability and the Phys beams… I have looked around for the Phys gun wep code and I cant find it could someone please get me the Phys gun code and possibly make it into a SWEP (addobn format) for me? Thanks Vin.

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  2. Physgun is not a swep, it is (as far as I know) compiled into gmod itself. It is written in C++

  3. If you want to just make it invisible, you can simply retexture it

I am a Noob but how would one Retexture this (I need it to be Client side) Thanks Vin.

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