Making a DarkRP Class "Donator"

The last this thread is, i do all what written in these instruction, but i can’t understood some:

At first i do there

Go to player.lua:243 (unedited).

  1. if (t == “donate” and not self:IsUserGroup(“donate”)) then
  2. Notify(self, 1, 4, "You must donate to become this class!")  
  3. return   
  4. end

After them i create group in ulx, called donate, but i don’t know how to add donate-only job!,

these example of job

TEAM_THIEF = AddExtraTeam(“Theif”, Color(113,109,93,255), “models/player/Odessa.mdl”, [[ bla bla bla ]],
{}, “theif”, 2, 45, 0, false, false)

The last 0 - is all players can use this job, thats only 3 values - 0 - all, 1 - admins only and 2 superadmins.

I tryed to do this job admins only, after that i add me to donate group in ULX, but i can’t to take this job - “you need admins privilegies…”

How i can make job, and only donate ULX group will have access for it?

OH, i do it, if you want a donate job you must this line in 243 player.lua

if (t == !!!HERE NAME OF THE JOB(for example TEAM_CP)!!! and not self:IsUserGroup(“donate”)) then
Notify(self, 1, 4, “You must donate to become this class!”)

Hey, is that above correct because I tried it and failed. What line does it go after?