making a DarkRP server, need coders

Hey guys so i recently decided to make a darkRP server and i’ve made one but im struggling to add stuff since i dont know jackshit about coding. So i need coders, and supporters ($$ support).
if ur interested add me on steam:

no hate pls xD

Hate, do it yourself or make a job on scriptfodder.

You need people to write content for you and pay for your server costs…

this may be a deeply shocking revelation to you but
[sp]nobody wants to pay you or help you code another shit darkrp server to add to the thousands we already have[/sp]

This guy is also expecting us to do this for him for FREE.

You’re a joke.

Not only for free, he wants you to pay for it aswell :excited:

Sure, that sounds interesting. If I pay for it and code it, where do you fit in?

We already had this post in the developer section, I reported the post, and hope the mods will take care of him.

He gets to rule over the community that others have built, its all about power

He fits in the hidden clan of big server men

Big server man don’t want no little server man like him

I love how you seriously expect people to
A. code for you
B. pay you
C. get nothing in return.
the way the world normally works unless I’ve missed a memo is that YOU pay somebody to code for you and that YOU can deliver something a possible supporter might find intriguing. not the other way around.

What is wrong with people these days? Doesn’t anyone have human decency to help another person? Do you really need to have a materialistic reasons like money to help this player? Why not do it just to help out?

I helped 3 new DarkRP servers yesterday, setting up ULX ranks, Teaching them how to do jobs, blacklisting, advise a bit of custom coding and other basic stuffs. Guess what I got in return?
They offered me a rank but I declined. No money, no steam gifts or whatever you guys charge for. Just the satisfaction that I’ve helped a few people.

I am sure to help you get started with your server. I will add you on steam later, I’ve set up many DarkRP servers and I’ve owned two in the past.

Oh god. There we go. Did you completely miss the fact that the guy wants YOU to code for him AND pay him? (Why am I even asking actually…)

No that guy meant supporters as in donators because he put “and supporters”.

Nobody who is sane is going to “donate” for some shit VIP++++ jobs on another fucking stupid generic DarkRP server.

Why so harsh? Do you have a big problem against DarkRP? Doesn’t mean its a “fucking stupid generic DarkRP server” It’s just a game server where people play on to have fun. :confused:
If you don’t like DarkRP fine that’s your opinion no one is forcing you to play the server or help out. But please I ask of you politely don’t bring your cynical thoughts to a thread where you don’t want to help at all and just insult people :confused:

And this person might need money for their server donate for a new firewall or a better experience with the players, server costs ect.
However if they are using the money for pure personal gain and not giving anything back… Doesn’t seem right.

Someone might enjoy DarkRP? That’s why they want to donate?

Is it not the whole point on gmod to explore and do things that your interested in and have fun?

Weeeell, the main problem is that there’s already too many DarkRP servers that all look the same, it’s highly unlikely that this guy’s server will have some distinct/unique features that differentiate it from 3000 others. Though I really would like to be wrong and see a decent server coming out of this, it’s just I (and many other people) lost almost all hope long time ago.

Well then I respect your opinion. Yes it may be true that many DarkRP servers are similar, Lot’s of people like similarities ,That’s why even though M9K may not be the best weapon pack to use, It’s popular - Draws people in and even if you did have a different weapon pack or whatever, it’s still gonna be the same DarkRP. It’s always similar no matter what you do since the same concepts exist in the gamemode.

Also if you don’t like the way the servers are running, Why not show them different ways to do things. I’ve shown 4 servers “Spastiks toybox” which is a weapon pack and there using it now. It’s a unique weapon pack that brings more variety to the gamemode but still is similar DarkRP gamemode, runs alongside M9K weapon in the same server. Adds more unique touch but still draws in players.

If you want to help out and make more servers unique. Maybe show them ways to make the server more unique ways to do things like I’ve done in the past, You don’t have to spend your entire gmod -time doing it, Just enough to influence and convince them that it’s a good thing. It’s a lot better than saying there’s a problem and not attempting to resolve it.

For the love of God, get off your high horse.