Making a documentry about Garry's Mod, Need Ideas

Title says it all

I am making a documentry about Garry’s Mod for a school project and I need some ideas on what I should put in

Umm, it is “documentary”, not “documentry”. Anyway, you should state that the game is limited by your imagination. You can take a trashcan and turn it into a super rocket! Or build the fort of your dreams. Make fun of Mossman, Dr. Breen and a variety of other characters and laugh with your friends. It has a huge database of addons, like Stargate, Wiremod, NPC packs and many, many others!

Sorry, somebody already made War of the Servers!

Heh. Trust me… Garry’s Mod without doubt is a limitless place of imagination. I sometimes want to write a documentary explaining what would of possibly happened if Slob’s raids actually worked on Dark RP, and forced major groups like HL2Land, and FAN RP to change too Gmod RP. Then you gotta realize… Do I still have a life if I make a documentary… On a game?

I did that when I was younger and it was a bad move.

Well, for your first suggestion, find the best model for Garry Newman!

Keep in mind that I have to impress a CoDFag and WoWTards


And a teacher

Why would you want to bring those to our game?

so they can get banned from every possible server, cause they think the only goal is to kill every one else :v:

which will ruin the game for us. I don’t think anybody in here’s going to say “YAY another group of mingebags:DDDDDDDDDDDD!!111!!!11”

I personally think “wowtards” and “codfags” shouldn’t know about gmod

i understand why they shouldn’t be in there, but the question is, why would they even want to be in gmod? if they are faggots as you say they are, they might be just the right faggotry to stay loyal to the games they minge all the time.

Make sexposes and download the drilldo model

Instant A*


Just be SURE to have the G-Man!


Well, I have decided the soundtrack should be the Ren and Stimpy OST :stuck_out_tongue:

Go through the history of the game.

Wow, Really Original There. (Please check last avatars for explanation)

1: Do an over-blown, overly-dramatic intro and opening theme.
2: Start the real thing by introducing the people hosting the documentary (i.e. on-screen spokesmen or something)
3: Begin with gm_construct. Demonstrate basic gameplay.
4: Provide screenshots and video walkthroughs of contraptions and forts.
5: Showcase ragdoll posing.
6: Use your posing skills to make a VERY short machinima to demonstrate how GMOD can be useful for movie-making.
7: Talk about addons.
8: Give a beautifully presented ending with a dramatic picture/video.

General tips:
*Plenty of color correction for scene transitions.
*Try to gently move the camera to make it seem like it’s a live taping.
*Get a narrator with a deep voice.
*Study other great documentaries (i.e. almost anything on the History channel) and take ideas from there.

Hope that helps.

Do NOT forget that rehearsal is key. Do many, many takes and lots of planning before doing ANYTHING. Too many machinimas and documentaries have been ruined due to a few stutters or technical errors.