Making a french city

Hey, here’s a project I’m working on.

I’m making a French city on source 2. For the moment there is still a lot of work to do. I’m trying to create most of the models and textures here, some of them are still pretty basic as I’m still wondering about the direction of the project, whether it will be more stylized or realistic so it is possible that the rendering will change afterwards.

I’ll update this topic to post the progress here!


Goddamn that looks hella pretty :heart_eyes:, with how your renders turned out looks like your leaning more towards stylized, but I guess that’s because of the solid colors you have on your meshes and models.


I was just going to dismiss this thread with a “French :nauseated_face:” but it’s actually coming along nicely, I like the style, it looks like it could fit both the cartoony and realistic esthetic, and seeing this I realize how much of a better opportunity S&box has for different styled maps and gamemodes, whereas Gmod was only limited to the “semi-realistic” HL2 esthetic.

I guess not having a single coherent style to the game could be a benefit when it comes to the effort one must put into their mods, barring simple ports, I hope it won’t just devolve into 99% of the servers needing the “HL: Alyx content addon” to work.


Good job, I really love the art style you’ve got going here :fire:


Looks hot. french “people”


I love the custom assets. Did you make them yourself? If not, where did you take them from, because they are gorgeous!

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Very pretty, and it fits tubguy’s style.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, for the model and textures. I did it myself. Maya for models and substance designer / painter for textures, the workflow with this kind of software is much better now with source 2 (there are some from hl alyx that are lying around but they will be replaced soon).

And for the “French”, I don’t have much more to say :sweat_smile:

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Looks like Team Fortress 2 map, realy like color scheme


the texture work and lighting give off such heavy tf2 vibes, i like it!


That’s insane! I love them! I can’t wait to play it in-game.

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As a Parisian, I can say this city is absolutely beautiful haha! You made really well the haussmannian style of the middle building :slight_smile: And roofs are also realistic!