Making a gamemode... need ideas as to what it's concept should be...

Zombie Survival and whatnot are getting kind of old. I need an idea that is either deathmatch with unique ideas and features or just something else… I’ve mindlessly tried as hard as I can to come up with ideas as to what to make but I’ve ultimately ended up abandoning almost all of my projects :P. Anyone got ideas? If I can’t get an idea here, I’ll officially accept defeat…

You’re asking Facepunch to basically tell you what to make.

Do it yourself.

I’m just asking for ideas as to what to make… as I’ve had trouble coming up with good ideas myself.

Use your imagination.

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for weeks upon weeks. I came here only as a last resort. I want to make a good gamemode, and all of my ideas have ended up being crappy in the end

you could make an rts, pretty much all you have to do is handle camera, buildings, building gui, unit movement (really easy), and unit relationships, not counting added stuff.

My god, if you can’t think of a good idea to make into a gamemode, don’t make a gamemode. If you don’t like your idea, then you’ll lose motivation immediately.

I was also thinking about making my own RP gamemode? Who knows, still having trouble deciding.

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Oh, come on. Don’t be so negative. I have knowledge of gamemode coding, why not use it? I just want to get some ideas as to what to make with it, I don’t understand why people hate these threads so much…

no words

i don’t get the negativity.
Idea Guy posts a thread: don’t know how to code? GTFO!
Coder w/o ideas posts a thread: don’t have ideas? GTFO!

That’s just stupid, why have a forum after all?

As for an idea maybe make something like a farming simulator

My recommendation would be to have an idea (yourself) first.

Otherwise, you’re not going to be motivated to finish it.

Also, you can ask people on here what they think would be good but you’ll never get a consensus. Go your own way and make your own stuff and then ask for comments after that.

Good luck!

As someone who tries only to make original addons, I’d love to see a completely original gamemode. Think of something that’s never been done before inside Garrysmod. Just make sure it’s quality because most of the stuff coming out in Garrysmod right now is shitty.
I love to work with original ideas and would be happy to assist you in doing so if you wish.

Don’t do an RP gamemode its pretty much all covered, try to go outside the box. Look at other games and what people find fun in them, for example CSGO. You could have a search and destroy based game with ranks? I don’t know just throwing ideas around.

Make Grudge Survival gamemode where you have to use ‘ghost’ detectors and common sense to try to keep yourself away from harm.

Maps: Abandoned Hospital
Abandoned House

To survive for the longest and then escape.


Collect clues, batteries (for your flash-light), find keys to open locked doors that lead to map advancement.

Game that’s similar to my idea

Well, Deathmatch is what I’ve decided on. I’ll add bots so it can be played offline. Problem is, I need a little help making bot-controlled players… MGCLegend, I need your help with that

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Make sure its good and not a half-assed job. If not, it’ll hurt you in the long run