Making a Gamemode

I’m trying to make a gameshow gamemode. I want it to use mysql, so that I can manage questions easily. I already have expiereience using php, mysql, and pascal, and I’ve found lua to be pretty much the same.

I already setup teams, loadouts, etc, but I want to start programing the actual game. I’ve figured out how I want the game to work, and written some notes down on how teams are chosen and such.

I’ll simplify it to these steps.

  1. A random question is chosen from the database, with preference to less used questions.
  2. The number of times that that question has been used is increased by one.
  3. The values of the question, correct answer, and three incorrect answers are loaded.
  4. The question is displayed on the three big 3d2d screens, and to the announcer and contestants.
  5. The announcer signals that he is done reading the question by pushing a button or something.
  6. The four possible answers are displayed on the large screens, below the question. The order of the answers appears differently for all players.
  7. The announcer reads the four answer choices in the order that they are given to him, and he signals that he is complete.
  8. A ten second timer begins, and the contestants must pick their answer.
  9. At then end of ten seconds, or when all contestants have picked their answer, the correct answer is revealed on the screens, and to the announcer and players.
  10. Players that got the answer right move on to the next question and have their score increased by one. Players that got it wrong, are moved to the audience, and designated as losers. Random player(s) are chosen from the audience who aren’t losers to become contestants.
  11. When only one player remains, he is designated the winner, his win counter is increased by one in the database, and the round restarts, with a new announcer.

This probably has many gameplay flaws, but I would at least like to get something working, so that I can find these flaws and fix them.

Also, team selection.

  1. The player joins, and is asked if he would like to participate.
  2. If they select no, the are put in the audience and designated as non-players.
  3. If they select yes, they are put in the announcer, or one of the three contestant slots if they are available. Otherwise they are put in the audience as players.

Somehow, I’m going to fit in gaurds. They will kill the unruly people, but I’m not sure how I’ll fit them in.

So how do I start programing this now?

It would be better if you gave us the individual problems you had, rather than asking us to tell you how to make the entire gamemode. If you’re looking for a starting point, start by making a database of questions and a concommand or something that picks a question from the database.

if you don’t already know that i suggest you don’t try a task as large as this.