Making a "giant" map

Hey while playing CSS I always loved those maps where you are a tiny player in a huge bed room, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how you go about making this type of map.

Thanks for your help


Lots of it.

A lot of the ones I’ve played were so poorly made I can’t imagine they were optimized well.

Most of the map is going to be in a 3D skybox so its up to you.

If you have an idea for the playable area, then make that first and then build the £D skybox around it.
If you dont. Build a room, figure what part you want to use for the map and scale down the rest into the £d skybox

Its all about giving the illusion that your small, when in reality you’re just making everything around you big. I would imagine this requires some custom textures and some knowledge of proper scaling and optimization.

It’s easy enough, if you’re good with custom textures. Even so, you wouldn’t necessarily need custom textures. It would just be a nightmare if you used stock textures. Optimization would be great to make it run better, but it’s not going to be a big issue as an over-sized map will usually optimize itself pretty well on a full compile.

Just find a reference of what you want to build, and start building. If you want the player to be mouse size, a chair of 2048x256 for the legs would probably be a good start… But you’d have to build something and test it in game to get an idea if it’s the scale you want to use.

Good luck!