Making a Gmod server, Looking for partner.

I am going to be starting a Garry’s mod server, preferably a Trouble in Terrorist Town server. I am also looking for some admins moderators and maybe some coders. You must be 13+ have a decent coding experience (if you are applying for coder) and have some experience on other servers you have been staff on (if you have been). If you are interested please tell me at

Skype: pixel.ferret


This is the most awful way looking for admins. You should pick admins from your playerbase. The players that follow the rules and are polite.

If you’re looking for a coder then go to

i agree with the 13+ because anyone under 13 doesnt even count as a human being


Omg no u r missing point. This is a *****mature server for mature gamers everywhere *****

It’s so mature that they can say the word “stupid” (but only when their mommies aren’t around).

But seriously, get trustable admins from your players; not random people on FP.

Once upon a time I/we played travian us speed server, back when travian was new and awesome. Being rank 1 was no easy feat and took insane time from 4 people to run the empire. Anyway my point being we got our account 3 day banned for swearing.
I had replied to a guy calling him stupid and idiotic. Which is apparently swearing :frowning:

“I’ll be an admin.” Says the minge hiding behind a FP profile. Going on a forum for admins is like going on craigslist for a baby sitter… It’s either a bold move or a terrible idea.