Making a Gmod Server

So I have my dedicated gmod server up and running. I haven’t played Gmod for a year or two and I would like some recommendations on addons, tools, models and whatever to add to the server. I’m also planning to make another server for Gmod Stranded.

1: PHX (SVN) (https://phoenix-storms.svn.sourcefor…hoenix-storms/) (Addon Foulder)
2: Wiremod (SVN)( (Addon Foulder)
3: Wight Tool (Addon Foulder)
4: Stacker Tool (Addon Foulder)
5: Door Tool (Addon Foulder)
6: Weld Smart (Addon Foulder)
7: Unbreakable Tool (Addon Foulder)
8: Maps… (Maps Folder)
9: Car Packs… (Addon Foulder)
10: ULX & UILB Admin Menu (Addon Foulder)
12: Advanced Duplicator Bases… (For Public Folder, Data Folder)
13: DarkRP 2.4.1 (Gamemode Folder)

Player Appearance Customizer is the single greatest mod I have ever seen in Garry’s Mod to date full stop. It’s a sin to not have it.


Wire, PHX, and Dark RP together in the same server.
Makes perfect sense.

For the Player Appearance Customizer, how the hell do you get scale working properly? I see myself big but my friend doesn’t.

It seems to work half the time for me too. I just fiddle with it and it works eventually.

How would I add PAC to Gmod Stranded? My gamemode makes a different menu for Q, so it doesn’t show PAC. I wanna add it though.