Making a "good" RP server?

So, I plan to make an RP servee (Heroes vs Villains) that still has DarkRP and many aspects of it.
I want to make it less cancerous as possible, what are some ways to make it less cancerous?
I’m thinking things like: Not as many rules, no NLR, RDM isn’t a thing, etc.
What do you think? What are other ways that you think make a DarkRP server good?

Other ways to make a DarkRP server good is to morph into AStonedPenguin.
I like the idea of removing a bulk of the rules, and it’s a switch i’ll make with my community sooner or later. However, it seems like the more rules we take out, the more cancer we get into the server, sadly.

On another note, avoid loading the server up with UIs that every other community has from scriptfodder (i’m guilty of this myself, but i’m currently getting it sorted out) people are getting fed up with seeing the same thing all over the place.

What do you think of the idea of having prop block allowed for your own bases, and raiders must use like a blowtorch or something to remove it?

Please don’t run loading screen music, I leave any server that has it.

I will definitely not do any loading music
If I do, It will be super soft.

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Also wondering if I should make No Rdm a rule or not. What do you guys think?

Easy. Just don’t be like other servers. Be unique, but be unique only by adding cool things that people can’t get everywhere else. Find cool ways to combine 2 addons to work together, stuff like that.

Personally, do you guys think Heroes vs. Villains is already a “unique” concept? :3

I find RDM annoying, but no RDM just means a non-orderly server. There will probably be propkillers and people with assault rifles everywhere. Make RDM a rule, but don’t get too butthurt about it when someone does it. How does that sound?

Done. I’ll do that.

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What about NLR?
How should that go?

nlr should be allowed
(Non/fail)RP should be allowed
teamkill shouldn’t be allowed unless they are fine with it
spawnkilling shouldn’t be allowed
propblock should be allowed(an ability to destroy props would be nice)

Allowing singular RDM actually reduces RDM as minges don’t see it as breaking the rules so they have no reason to do it. :godzing:

Don’t load it full of Scriptfodder cancer too.

If you don’t want to make it cancer then host it using some other gamemode or make it from scratch yourself instead of using DarkRP.

That’s a very good point, I didn’t see it that way. Still, there is a chance that things could get out of control.

That is a fairly biased viewpoint. DarkRP is a good gamemode itself, but it’s the actions taken in the servers that makes it bad, such as minges, bad admin/staff choices, etc. If there is a well administrated server, like this person is trying to accomplish, it could bring out the best quality in DarkRP

The last one about propblock, I will make a rule. But I think the propblock should only be allowed for your own buildings.
And as for singular RDM, I will definitely consider it. And yea, I will not load it full of SF stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

You should atleast add VCMod, that’s it. I’m not really sure if you’ll honestly need anything else. Also pls include batfleck

Things I like in a darkrp server

50+ players on with no lag
Not too many addons, the perfect blend
Unique as possible
Intelligent staff

I’ll be taking in all your tips
I pray that the concept of Heroes Vs. Villains, plus all your tips I hope will help the server grow!
I’m open to any constructive criticism, especially after it launches, so please, if you want to criticize it, I’m always willing to improve it. Thank you all for the tips!

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Also, if I may ask, should cop jobs be accessible once you reach, like, 2-3 hours?

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And yes, we will include the “Batman v Superman” playermodels, if they are still there.

Add as much addons as you possible can (players love having things to do) add furry models and only recruit 10 year olds as admins, only they can truly RP well. That’s the only advice I have.