making a halo reach map for gmod

need help im remaking countdown from halo reach who here can help me

What do you need help with?

well there are some things like i need grav lifts i have no clue how to make them



If you don’t know where to start, here’s a basic tutorial. Correct me if I left anything out.

Step one - block out the entire level with brushes on the 64 unit scale. If you wish, you can use a ported version of the map as a template (it will be a model so you cant just use that and I have no idea how to do this personally).

Step two - playtest, what works in one game wont work in another so get other peoples advice on scale and layout.

Step three - refine the brush layout on smaller scales, lay down some basic textures and any gameplay specific entities (i.e. the trigger_push’s and what ever weapon pickups there are). If you haven’t already, add a light_enviroment and other lights simply to illuminate the space (you can put a 1 in the ‘constant’ part of the light entity so it wont degrade over distance)

Step four - playtest, what you’re looking for now is where people are meeting and fighting, the routes they take and what weapons they go for.

Step five - refine, based on the last playtest change the layout how you see fit so either the gameplay mimics the original game level or whatever you think will work best for gmod. repeat steps four and five until you are happy with the layout (you should repeat at least once).

Step six - detail, start with the big props (i.e. large rocks, pillars, walls, parked cars, whatever), a general rule is if you can hide behind it, add it now.

Step seven - playtest again, have you managed to compromise gameplay? does it still look good? are people changing tactics.

Step eight - Fix whatever you broke in step six and found out about in step seven. Then repeat step seven again until there’s nothing to fix.

Step nine - Congratulations on reaching the fun part. Add all the fine detail, lights, rocks, oil drums, crates, skybox stuff, fog, moving clouds, if it was in the original, add it now.

Step ten - Guess what, another playtest. You want as much criticism as you can get. Think about what is said and consider if you agree before you wildly change your map.

Step eleven - There’s nothing left to fix, the level looks perfect. Go ahead and release it.

Gives a quick insight into the trigger_push