Making a Headcrab mod help

Heya! I want to make a mod that just adds alternate versions of headcrabs but, with the same ai, animations, and models as the classic headcrabs (headcrab, fast headcrab, and poison headcrab). The only difference is their texture. So, basically retextured headcrabs as their own npcs. My problem is I don’t know where the files for the model, lua script for ai, animations, and textures (to modify in VTFEdit) are stored for the classic headcrabs.


I use GCFScape to open up the game files for HL, HL2, GMod, CSS and such.

I pulled the regular headcrab:

But get, GCFScape, which is found here:

You will install it, once done. Your .vpk files that are in either the “garrysmod”, “css” folders etc, should be able to open with GCF. You need to open… garrysmod_dir.vpk
Same for css, etc. <game>_dir.vpk

In case you are wondering what the application is or what it looks like…

Thank you! I already have GFscape but, I’ve never used it and don’t know what it does.

Apologies, I just updated my post. You said you already have it? Want a video preview on how to use it?

I can’t seem to find the hl2_dir file

I will find the others for ya and upload them to the Dropbox link. One moment.

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I could only find the ragdolls, and I had issues trying to decompile them. Hm.

Not sure if anyone knows where the actual models are.
I did find the actual headcrab, and I did decompile it for you. So check that.

Here you go. Someone might know where headcrab_black and fast_headcrab could be at.

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Here you go.
This has all the .vpks that are mounted with gmod to get the ragdolls and such for HL2.