Making a health kit swep: C4 model?

I want to make a swep that can heal other players. And I want to use the C4 modell fro CSS. What is the address to it?

What do you mean by ‘address’?

The file location?

I guess he means the location. Never heard about address.

The address is 24 Philidelphia Street ( random street name, don’t know if it’s actually real )

But if you want the path to it, I think it’s either in the Steam/steamapps/username/counter-strike source
or it is in the one of the CS:S .GCF files

I believe the path to the model is what you’re looking for.
In which case, for the C4 viewmodel (one that shows when you’re holding it), it’s


while for its world model (one that shows in all other cases, like when you see others holding it, or when it’s on the floor), it’s


Hope that helped.

Thanks michealh