Making a hud


I wanna make a hud, but i know nothing about LUA coding

Here is my hud i made with photoshop

I want to display it as health and armor bar and it fade off when health/armor value don’t changed after 3 seconds (like goldeney or timesplitters).

If you split the armor and the health into 2 parts you can easy do it with render.ScissorRect.

I can help you if you want.

Sure you can help me!

Add me on steam then.

First i need to covert my hud at ftf but don’t know how (i tryed to do with vtfedit but it don’t work)

can’t see the reason why you should convert it… any way

use VTFEdit, it can convert .tga to .vtf

When you finish this HUD, is it possible to post the code here, or send it?

I’d really love to see how you did this.

yea me too :slight_smile:

I think stencils might work. I’m quite interested in this so I’ll have a quick go with a placeholder texture now.

I made a mashup and posted the code but I just realised how much easier Wizard’s scissor rect would have been. Never mind.