Making a jigglebone stop jiggling.

Title says it all. I found the bone i needed, but how do i stop it from jiggling?

You must set its translation to the same vector on the entity’s BuildBonePositions hook.

I lol’ed when I read the title xD can you expain what your trying to say, or if your just trolling

No ones is trolling, he is trying to use a models bone for whatever reason, however the bone vibrates and he needs it not to.

And how exactly am I to do that cause I’m stumped. Sorry, I’m not good with aligning bones and stuff…

[lua]local META = _R.Angle

– Returns the inverse of a rotation (by _Kilburn)
function META:GetInverse()
local Mp = Matrix() Mp:Rotate(Angle(-self.p, 0, 0))
local My = Matrix() My:Rotate(Angle(0, -self.y, 0))
local Mr = Matrix() Mr:Rotate(Angle(0, 0, -self.r))

return (Mr*Mp*My):GetAngle()

function entity:BuildBonePositions()
local bone = 2 – use whatever bone you want to stop from moving. if you don’t know the ID, use entity:LookupBone(“bonename”)
local matr = self:GetBoneMatrix(bone)
if(matr) then
matr:Rotate(matr:GetAngle():Inverse()) – resets the bone’s rotation

You may need to finetune the angle on the bone later on, by using matr:Rotate. You must do it inside the if statement, after the line that resets the bone’s rotation. Written on the reply box, so it may not work.

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