Making a large texture-focused performance mod - Need help

I haven’t actually started at this point, just to start out. I want to make the mod in addon format, and I just need to know what I need to do to make this happen. I know I need an info.txt, which I will probably get just by modifying another person’s so it has all of my information. After that, do I just put the textures and other shit into the folder that goes into addons? If not, what do I do? Please explain in detail.

Just do a search in Google

I don’t know what I would search for. “How to make an texture mod for gmod” comes up with a bunch of tutorials on how to code in Lua.

Try “making a gmod addon” maybe?

Why would that return more results than asking for the type of mod I want to make? I’ll do it anyway though.


Just like I said, it comes up with thousands upon thousands of Lua tutorials.


Yes? If you could link me to a mod that does nothing other than reskin something (in addon format), that would be great. I can’t seem to find any in addon format.

There’s the reskiner tool, but that’s just for ragdolls. (I think…)

I’ve been thinking of replacing the original files in the .gcf file, but I also made a thread about that out of fear that I would be VAC banned.