Making a map set in a rural civilized area

What are some tips in making buildings that might be located on the outskirts of a southern town (texture and architecture wise)?

Well for houses… just normal houses. This is better done in L4D as it has some foliage and textures used for just this thing, they have a lot of rural stuff.

It might work if you put it around a mountain and a forest.

I’m not doing it for left 4 dead, it’s just an rp map I started. But I’ll definitely use plants.

Well, I just said L4D has really really good stuff for just that thing you´re trying to do, they even have a small town map which I think you should study to get an idea of how it looks.

Try using photographic references of real-life rural structures.
This website is excellent for finding photographs of abandoned buildings:
If abandonment or decadence is not the theme you are after you can always re-imagine the buildings on that website as they were when they were still in use.