Making a mirrored version of a rigged object (Blender)

I made a pushbar door model in blender, got it animated correctly, and got it ingame. Now I need to make a duplicate model that is mirrored, so I can use these for a set of double doors. I just can’t figure out how to do this. Simply mirroring the object completely screws up the skeleton due the non-uniform scaling.

Another solution was to manually take the door apart and move everything to the correct place. I don’t want to resort to this if there’s a better way.

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EDIT: Fixed it myself, again. Turns out you mirror the actual mesh WITHOUT selecting the skeleton, as mirroring the skeleton screws up their rotations severely. Then you can just move the bones to their proper positions.

Also, make sure the automatic keyframe insertion (record button) is turned off for this procedure. It kept fucking with me.