Making a mod and maps for Black Mesa steam release

Hi, maybe you already know but yesterday Black Mesa has gotten a steam release. (It is still in early acces tho)

My question is, how can i make maps for BM? I thought that the sdk or something has changed?

And is it possible to make a mod from BM? The steam release is now a “game” in early acces, no mod anymore.
Also a little extra question, not sure if i should put it here. Now BM is added is it possible to “mount” the content in Gmod? Like other source games.

I believe it’s the same case as CS:GO, the SDK is newer than the Gmod one, so most of the stuff won’t be compatible. Props might work if you decompile and recompile to Gmod. Maps won’t work at all from what I know.

For Black Mesa maps/mods, use the Hammer and SDK tools in the /bin/ folder of it, I believe it’s using a tweaked version of the tools, so other ones won’t be compatible.

Props work fine, as do sounds and materials.

Maps, I can’t say.

I notice that I only have 8,98€ on my Steam account… crap…

Okay, thanks.
Do you know if it is possible to make a “mod” from BM? Because its a game now.

Well I assume you mean mounting. Which I do hope is possible as that will pave the way for some cool shit.

On which are you replying? The modmaking or mounting into Gmod?

Its literally the same thing if you want to use a steam games assets in your own mod you have to “mount” it in the gameinfo.txt or for gmod through their system.

Oh yeah thats right. Maybe it is possible through like a SourceMod.
Would be really cool if we know how.