Making a mod: HL2 C++ vs Gmod Lua

Let me preface this by saying I have no notable programming experience whatsoever. I can do a little bit with VMTs, but that’s about it.

What I’m wondering is, if I want to make an original mod, with its own set of weapons and levels and what have you, would I be better off modding HL2 directly, or would it be worth it to take advantage of Gmod’s Fretta stuff and do it in Lua instead? Keeping in mind I don’t know any C++ OR Lua. I’m willing to try, but learning curve vs payoff factors in here.

Post what you think

C++ Is far more powerful, and not really that much harder than Lua IMO.

But modding HL2… I personally think you should study C++ (As it helps you with pretty much every programming language) but mod GMod. It’s seriously simplified compared to editing the DLL’s in C++.

If you want to make money on a mod, you should probably go and study C++ and how source stuff works.
If you just want to screw around or make a community for fun you could always learn lua cuz it’s really easy and pretty fun to use.

And if you’re feeling frisky, you could mod gmod with a mixutre of Lua and C++ modules. :v:

I’m not trying to make money, just a cool SP campaign with new weapons and NPCs and things :slight_smile:

If you feel you will have the motivation and dedication to do this even when it gets really tough, then go for the source mod.

Well the way I see it, doing it in Garry’s Mod will be tons easier and will let you achieve a lot of things. It’s seriously easy and you don’t need to use Fretta or anything. That actually wouldn’t help one bit with making a singleplayer campaign. Hell, you’d probably need to override most of the base gamemode too since you don’t need the multiplayer elements.

I guess what doing it in C++ would give you is control about stuff lua doesn’t have access to and probably much much better NPC creation tools.