Making a MOD with the EP2 engine

Hey people.

Is this possible?

On the “create a mod” window, it just says “Mod half life 2 singleplayer”

I have orange box highlighted in SDK, would this mod ep2 or hl2…

I’ve already made maps with ep2 textures ¬__¬

Any help appreciated

Yes it is possible, but you mean the orange box engine, not the episode 2 engine. Ep2 runs on the OB engine

If the Engine version is set to The Orange Box, the mod will be Ep2.

alright then, thank you very much…

and yes, EliteGuy, it’s pretty obvious what i meant.

how do i use the orangebox engine

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You don’t. Browse to steam/steamapps/common/Half-life 2/bin. Nad launch hammer.bat (after that you can launch hammer.exe) Then simply select Episode 2 from the list and launch that.