Making a new model for my medieval models and I am having problems.

I am the creator of the medieval models you may see on the toybox normally on front page and I am making a house to be part of v2 pack.

I have a problem with you not being able to get into the building. I have made more complicated models than this one and had no problem walking into them in game but this one just does not let me in.

Image of it:
Not the most helpful image but it gives you an idea of it.

My question is does anyone know what is going wrong here.

  1. You spawn it.
  2. You go to walk into it.
  3. You hit an invisible wall just outside of it.

I am using proper the tool I use to make all of my props. It allows you to make props in hammer very useful

I have tried putting clip around the walls and floor of the model but this does not help.
So the collision model is just not working and I have no idea how to make it work. Any ideas?

A picture of the collision mode. I think this will help you understand completely

This shows a working one and not working one.
Probably a better one of a working model but look at the one above.

Have a look in the generated .qc file for a collision option and check the Valve Developer wiki for the alternatives.

No problem I fixed it. Someone sent me a pm telling me how.
They sent a pm because they were replying to another thing of mine as well.

The problem was of the collision model being too costly. To fix this because of so many things being in it I made the entire prop an effect and used big clips to be the collision model. So instead of 5 parts for bottom floor I had one big one. I put them on just right so you should not even be able to tell.