Making a new roleplaying map!

Hello! i just started making a roleplaying map! and i wonder if anyone would like to help me with it.

Things to be added:
*Residential buildings
*Police station & the mayor’s office
*Gang area
*Industrial buildings
*Computer Store

This is how much i’ve made so far.

about 3-4 hours work.

Looks a wee bit blocky, lots of open areas and such.

Yes i know, that’s something i need to work on. I need so much help as i can get.

You know, that doesn’t look bad for a start, but obviously you need to work on it more, but, as you said, that’s all you have done so far, and you plan on making everything look generally less blocky and better. I’m liking the fact that you are putting a highway (or train tracks, can’t tell from the angle) in the map, because for some reason, I haven’t seen a roleplay map that has one (except other unreleased ones).

Well if anyone want to help me with it, please add “Davidtheswe” on steam =)


I would reccommend that you go outside with a camera, and take photos of your surroundings. There are areas of your brushwork and props that look strange. The transformer with the tiny cable up to the thing on the side of the building, and the last image with the drop on the pavement. They look odd, and wouldn’t be used in real life.

Thanks for your help =)

Will you add train tracks?

Well i would if i could, but i guess i’ll have to stop working on the map because of the leak problem. I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t know about this guy but I would definitely add train trains.

Trains are cool.

Send me the map and i’ll look at it.

However, i will be really condescending if it turns out it was an easy fix.

Haha you’ll probably think it’s easy but i’ll send it to you when i’m at home :wink:

Your brushthickness for the skybox is complete overkill…what possessedyou to make it over 500 units thick?

After correcting the stupid thickness of the brushes, and ensuring there isn’t a mile between the bottom of the map and the skybox, it isn’t leaking.

Didn’t run it before i made changes, so i don’t know if there ever was a leak.

Set it to 64 and you’re good. Two things I recommend, type buildings in search and practice making those textures look more 3d using brushwork, also, every once and a while scroll through large portions of the model viewer, just get a grasp of whats in there so you can remember and use it effectively.

Brushwork needs to be looked at urgently. You have stairs clipping through floors, some parts of the floors are 64 deep, some are 8, some are 2, all in the same room. Inside walls should be 128 high, not 126. Work to an 8 grid, not a 1 or 2. All room heights should be 128, all your sizes vary massivly from one another.

Well, i’ll just make a new map sometime instead of fixing this. Next time i’ll follow your advice IronPhoenix.

You had a good start, but if you fixed your errors you would be ready to go.