Making a nextbot hover above the ground and move in a similar fashion

Hello. I want to make a “drone” NPC, and I figured Nextbot would be the way to go when it comes to coding it. But, what I don’t know is how I’d make it hover above the ground and move in such a fashion. I plan on using the manhack model, in case you need to know. Would I be better off making the NPC on base_ai? If so, how would I make it hover and move like that? If nextbot is good to use, then how would I make it hover?

NextBots are terribly limited at the moment. If what you want to do is possible, most likely it’d be through an extremely hacky approach. Try and find code for SNPCs that fly, like the Skyrim dragons, and learn how they work.

You can cheat and have it follow an invisible uncollidable nextbot that just walks places