Making a NPC follow you


Ive been looking all around for a way to make a npc follow you.

i really wanted to get the npc characters like alyx and barney to follow me.

Is there any stools or console commands that can allow this,


You ticked ignore players or disable AI.


i have ignore players unticked and disable ai unticked too.

Barney alyx, and some other friendly non-rebel npc’s dont follow

Have you tried typing the command that is automatic when ticking/unticking the boxes

eg. sv_cheats 1?

If this doesn’t help you, I don’t know what will.

Do they follow you normally when you play Gmod?

I dont know becuase they have never followed me before.

They usually dont follow you for some reason.

I wish someone made a tool that made them follow you.

They used to follow you. An update broke it.

Is there anything in the npc.txt or something that defines if a npc can follow you?

There is a tool that can make npcs move…I’m sure you can make them follow with that.

The problem with that is if i decide to change direction, il have to remove the way points, and if we are all in a big fight against some combine, il have to stop shooting and take out the tool gun just to move them.

Advanced A.I. addon lets you recruit people of your faction. Press E on them.

Is it on, if not a link would be nice


Thank you my good sir. You deserve a medal

Happy to help