Making a NPC go faster

Hey guys, I want to make a classic zombie model, but I want it to walk faster then it is now. How will I do this?

Wrong section?


I don’t think you can change the speed of the vanilla NPC’s

No. You can’t.
However, if you want. (I don’t know how to code npcs) You’ll either have to entirely remake the npc, but change its speed (which will be really difficult) Or, you might just have to make an npc with its speed changed and make its npc base parent as the vanilla zombie npc.

Speeds are based off of the animations in the models

I thought that he wants to adjust the model itself to speed it up.

I ment like, the walk speed, not the animation speed.

It’s a Ply: command.


Dunno if it’ll work with an npc.

It wont