Making a Physics Gun

Hullo there fellow Gmodders.

Recently, I’ve had the crazy idea to build & solder an ACTUAL physics gun (or gloves, whatever). It will act as a MIDI controller of course. I will build this MIDI controller using Semi Connections and press buttons. Anyone who wants to follow me in this quest to epicness please respond :smiley:

I will include pictures throughout the build (I evaluated to be around 5-6 months).

Please write your ideas down belooooow!

make a flashy light and play music going Scout kissed a boy and he liked it

Blue ray lasers.

Isn’t there something on retail exactly like that?


too many no more are needed

Are you 12?

Have it release deadly microwaves.

Is he imitating RWJ? :eng99:

Alrighty then.

Yes, I’ll make gloves, it’s a personal project. I don’t care if there are already some on the market.

I am not 12. Try older.


RWJ :smithicide:

The idea is cool, I think the gloves are overkill though.

maybe the laser changes colour when it does/does not touch a prop

Fail. It says an ACTUAL physics gun. As in real life. As in not GMod.

This isn’t possible in the now known science at all! if it was I’m sure some scientist would have created one a long time ago! If you really want this in real-life I suggest you freeze yourself to be unfrozen in about 500 years?

Laser = Light.
The most a laser will do is to ignite the object you’re pointing it at.

And it’s called “Blu-ray” not “blue-ray”. :argh:
Why would you use a 405nM laser in the first place? The only thing the laser really could do is pointing at the target, as an aiming device.
It should be a 532nm (Green) laser.
Green lasers are far more visible to the human eye than blue lasers, thus not needing the same amount of power. (Saving energy.) :science:

Now the tractor beam part will be a bit tricky, so I’ll leave that to some mad scientist in about 500 years.

Make the toolgun with the actual panning text you’ll win my vote.

Because the physgun beam is blue? Seems pretty obvious to me.

It’s green literally in colour and metaphorically green for the environment.