Making a player look at me

Like the title says, how do I make a player look at me? As in how do I snap the player’s view angles to look at me?

[lua]TargetPlayer:SetEyeAngles((You:EyePos() - TargetPlayer:GetShootPos()):Angle())[/lua]


I don’t think this guy should get help, he’s probably using the code for an aimbot. If you are going to make cheats I would say that FP isn’t the best place to ask for help

Uhhh. Making another player look at you is useless for a Aimbot and would require it to be server side. Do you have any fucking idea what you are talking about?

All he has to do is change minimal parts of the code. Whatever though. :slight_smile:

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and no, i don’t

If he’s looking for aimbot code he could’ve easily looked inside Faphack’s wonderfully commented and organized code

FapHack is harder to read than the Qur’an…

I kind of agree, not really that hard though.

I’m working on a gamemode, and I need to make a player X look at player Y if player Y hits player X.

I can’t believe how stupid people can sometimes be.

Then go away from here if you have nothing useful to say.


Say in chat “Free cookies if you look at me!”.