Making a player spin around and shoot? But not affect the view?

Ok so, I have done some research, all I can find is Vectors, I know I would have to use them… but, would I have to change the EYE Angles of the player to make them do a full 360 spin? 3 times, in 3 seconds? And make them shoot repetively. (The player is in thirdperson) I just wan’t to replicate REAPERS spinning from his ultimate to this addon:

This all done without using PAC3.
Please help?

OR, are you guys going make me look into GITHUBS files of pac3

Help pls

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What it currently looks like without the spinning effect…

Use Lerp with this.

The shooting part will just to have to be coded in. Etc, the player won’t actually shoot, the server code will make the bullets and effects happen.

Or I guess you can make him shoot, but you would have to figure out how to edit crosshair position without editing the view.