Making a Prop Static

OK so I just recently started up a server for some darkrp fun with some friends. I want to decorate the server using props and stuff. Is there any way to make these props static so that when i restart the server these ones dont disappear. Like is there some kind of tool out there that I can make the props property of the map. I want them to spawn when the map loads.

I remember some guy posting this “Permanent Prop” addon thingy. I’ll see if I can find it.

Edot the map in hammer. Takes 10 minutes.

@flamehead5 I would have to place every prop through Hammer. That would take forever. I want to be able to place them while the server is running. Shoot them with the Permanent Prop gun thingy and be able to restart the map and have them stay.

Ok, number one - This isnt youtube. Dont EVER put an @(Username) in ANY POST. Use the reply button.

Number two. Placing props in hammer is faster and more precise than placing them in garrys mod. The permanent prop tool would also never be able to keep your props through a server restart.

Hammer is a better faster solution so you can keep props FOREVER including during server restarts/shutdowns/user disconnecting.

The only thing that tool can do is disable anyone from moving the prop.

Dont act superior like that the moment you arrive here, or people will eat you alive.

Well you are wrong because i found the tool. and It works through server restarts. Im not acting superior. Sorry that “@(USERNAME)” is so bad that you actually have to take the time to point it out. Thats pretty sad.

Actually, there is a script for it that FPtje made. It does infact make the props stay there after a restart/shutdown. Hammer isn’t a great solution either, because it takes more time and not everybody knows how to use it correctly. If you don’t believe me, try searching for it on Facepunch and attempting to use it before assuming such a thing isn’t possible.

Edit: To the OP, this is pretty much what you’re looking for:

It could have some bugs because I couldn’t find the one that was made by FPtje.

Edit: Shit, I can’t read. I guess I’ll just leave the link there in case someone wants it.

Good job, its sad that I had to point out that you were being a complete idiot. Do fuck yourself, you dont know how facepunch works. I dont know if you notice, but ive been here for 3 years, so I may know a little bit more about facepunch.

By the way, I think that your bluffing about the tool, as deaded38 said there is a script. And now that I think about it, a script would work, not a tool. Because tools as far as I know cant edit .BSPs

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Oh yes, dont comment back like you just did, this isnt youtube or some place where people just blatenly ignore stupid comments like that.

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Someone’s mad (and join date elitist, not that it really matters though). A tool that saves certain prop information to a text file, and runs a script on server start up to populate the server with the saved models/positions wouldn’t be impossible to make, and I’m sure someone’s made it before.
Also, in the 3 or so years I’ve been on FP, I’ve never seen someone get mad over people using @, but maybe that’s because I stay away from the gmod section.

Yeah, and don’t act superior just because you’re from '08 either.
He can use @ if he wants.

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Anyways if you can’t find one I might make one for you(MIGHT)

People who use @ instead of using the fincy little reply button need to be told to press the reply button.


The fact that you’re arguing over something so trivial fills my mind with fuck.

flamehead banned for flaming. excellent work autumn.

thats not how it works, you don’t need to edit the bsp, and tools are just scripts in swep form. please learn what you’re talking about before you talk.

no worries :v:

just remember the report button is there to help us help you!

Wow what a jerk.

-snip this part-

Remember, if you use hammer, you are going to make everybody re-download the map, which will make you lose people if you run a public map.

Also, as far as I know permaprops does not support freezes or wields, at least It didnt back when I tried it, so its pretty much useless if you want to save something and make it unmovable.

Doesn’t it set the props to ent:EnableMotion(false) ?

If not, it should & could with a very quick lua edit.