Making a prophunt map, just realized a very bad issue with my map. Is there a way to make props and stuff NOT disappear if your head goes into the ceiling?

Func_detail doesnt do that, but it really screws up the lighting making all the walls of the house fun detail.

Any other way I can get around this?

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Also by screws up the lighting, I mean it makes it take fooooreeeeever to compile.

Solves all of my problems though. just incredibly annoying :frowning:

It takes forever to compile when everything is func_detailed because doing that destroys visibility calculations.

Figure out a way to keep people from getting stuck inside worldspawn rather than doing it the wrong way of func_detailing everything.

prop_static don’t disappear

Instead of trying to cram everything in your title, try to explain excactly what you are trying to accomplish in your message body. Because I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

Do you mean map props disappear when you noclip and leave the map? If so I’m not sure if there’s any way to stop that.

Source does that object culling because otherwise it would have to draw every prop on the map–it has no way of knowing where you can see and where you can’t when your outside of where the game’s done visibility calculations. Other game engines handle this differently. For example, halo keeps track of the last visleaf the player was in for visibility calculations, but this has its own problems, like not being able to see most of the map from out of bounds areas.

When everything is func_detailed, there are no visleafs and thus Source assumes you can always see everything from everywhere.

It also renders everything always. Don’t do that.

You can’t have binary space partitioning without visleaves.

Visleaves are always generated, it’s just how the visibility calculations are done as to how much time it takes in the compile process and what kind of performance you get in game.

When you func_detail large portions of the map, all of the sudden hundreds or thousands of visleaves that would otherwise not see each other now see each other. So now VVIS has to do a lot of redundant work of calculating which visleaf can see which other visleaf, which is the reason for ridiculous compile times.

what if you just make the ceiling be func_illusionary and put a second layer of ceiling above that, so their head can freely past through the fake ceiling, and the real one is there to stop leaks and make vis leafs

Or you could do something like use a playerclip brush and not use legacy entities that contribute to the bmodel count.