Making a ragdoll into a playermodel.

Okay so a friend of mine has finally made my custom model, and while it does indeed work as a ragdoll, neither of us can figure out how in the hell to make it a chooseable playermodel. It’s an edit of the fearbine ragdoll on, so I’m assuming it has the same skeleton as any other HL2 character, so it should be able to be used as a player model, I’m not sure if I’m missing any details but if I am someone tell me.

any help would be really appreciated

Oh and here’s the LUA script my friend originally made in hopes of making the ragdoll a player model, I have it in the lua>autorun>server folder.

if (SERVER) then
	player_manager.AddValidModel( "Catbine", "models/Player/binecat.mdl" ) 

list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel",  "Catbine", "models/player/binecat.mdl" )