Making a repeating train.

Hey guys,
I have been working on an underground train station for my mod recently and I need to know how to make two trains go past the station every few seconds like in Mirror’s Edge.
Heres a picture of the train station:
Warning: The image is 5760 x 1080
I’d like two trains to pass every 5 seconds, both in opposite directions.
The two tunnels are 6384 units long and cut off at each end but you can’t see that far because it’s dark (deliberately so you can’t see the train spawn).
I’m pretty sure it will involve a logic_timer and I will add the sound effects and env_shake. I just need to know how to make the train spawn inside one tunnel then go past the station then disappear inside the other tunnel.
I can use one of the hl2 prop trains but I’d rather use a train that I have made in hammer out of brushwork.
Thanks in advance.

func_tracktrain, make an area where the trains are out of view, then make them slowly retreat to the starting location. When they get there, simply make them fast again and they will look like different trains.

props parented to/brushwork made of a func_tracktrain that follows path_tracks down each side, teleporting back to the first path track at the end.

I’ll try these suggestions out, thanks!

There’s actually a tutorial on this. Good luck!