making a rust dedicated server and its not working please help

hello :slight_smile: I was making a rust dedicated server and got some help from other sites. (not quite sure if I should post the sites as well)

I have done a lot of stuff on the dedicated server and I portforwarded my ports from the router then when I was trying to load up my server the Startserver.bat it only showed this
RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “The Mulchers” -load +server.port 28015 +server.identity “ITS OVER 9000” +server.seed 6738 +rcon.port 5678 +rcon.password “password” -server.worldsize 2000 -autoupdate

what I had edited in the batch file normally before it would generate the world and then log you in and so when you hop on to rust and do client.connect ip :port and it works.

perhaps you can help me with some editing better with the Startserver.bat , I went to steamcmd and I’ve updated as well.

p.s I don’t quite know what a rcon.port is.

Server.seed value is not big enough, make it a min of 8 numbers or above, also consider making the world size a min of 3000, you will get all points of interest added then an it still really low on ram an resources, i been installing servers all week experimenting with differnt configs etc

Rcon port is a port your gonna use for your rcon software to connect with, if your not using it remove command for now and focus on getting up and running,
i just started using rustadmin rcon panel last days and its incredible and easy to manage server without typing commands in F1, Rcon port to use an forward in your case would be 28016 , to make things easy, so you could forward a range of 28015-28016 in your router

Okay Thank you :slight_smile: