Making a server for gmod

Is it possible to make a server that can be easily changed from murder to ttt and the opposite?
I want to edit some game settings for them both and i’m going to use plugins like ULX and i’m just wondering if i can make a server that can easily switch gamemodes with my custom settings?
I’m just not sure if they share anything that could become an issue

You can add all your gamemodes in garrysmod\gamemodes.

No, but if you’re going to constantly be switching, then you’ll want to make sure that if you’re going to leave any addons/scripts in from the other gamemode, you’ll want to check the gamemode in each script by using engine.ActiveGamemode( ).

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Just have separate startup.bat files for each gamemode.

You may want to invest into something such as KMapVote. It is a really advanced and customisable mapvote which also includes voting for gamemodes. You can also change gamemodes easily with ULX by typing in console: ulx map mapnamehere gamemode here
Example: ulx map rp_downtown_v2 darkrp