making a server (just for friends)

like the title says, I want to make a server that my friends, or probably just friend, can join. I don’t want to go downloading a bunch of crap to make a server and fail, I saw someone say you can make a VPN and just click create server and it’ll work. I’m thinking of doing that but I want to know your opinions.


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With sv_lan 1, you’ll get “No non Class-C address” error when someone join.

With sv_lan 0, it will probably work, but you may have to forward some ports, depending on the type of VPN.

If you don’t want to use VPN, you can just port forward and put a password and it’ll work too.

Personally and from experience i find that hosting a dedicated server for you and your freinds from home is a better alternative then a listen server.

could I make a dedicated server on one computer and play on another?

You could make a dedicated on one and play from the same computer. Though that’s unwise.

my mom’s computer has the router, wait, can you open ports on a computer with a usb err… wifi connector… thing?

Bah. thats what I do all the time! Granted its kinda easy when you have 8 Gigs of RAM and an Quad Core :smiley:


Oh. and forgot to help out! Look into DMZ… quickest and EASIEST way to solve router problems and ports. (Kinda less secure though… Fair Warning.)