Making a skin for gmod WITHOUT replacing the original model.

Here’s an easier way to ask, how can I make a tf2 ragdoll have multiple skins without getting rid of the original red skin for gmod? (I have that bodygroup skin switcher if anyone’s wondering)

couldn’t you just replace the file with the new one but create a copy of the old one incase you would like to switch back?

I’m assuming you’re saying that you want to keep the red skin but replace the blue skin.

Just replace the blue skin only with the skin you want to use.

No, I’d like to keep the blue skin too.

Hey I had that problem too with some playermodels that I had to reskin. What I did was decompile the model and then make the textures for the skin. Then recompile it and it should be done. To make the model use the new skin before you recompile the qc file from the mdl file you de compiled you must edit the qc file to point towards the new materials you are using for the reskin. Sorry if it is unreadable but im horrible at explaining things.
Your going to find it in the browse tab if you did it correctly.