Making a SNPC run to specified places.

Okey, i got this simple SNPC and i wan’t it to run from the place he spawned, to a location and then to a finishing position. I’ve figured out that i need to use the NPC.StartScedule command to make this a reality.

I found this code on the wiki, and i’ve made my SNPC do that it tells it to do:
local schdRunner= ai_schedule.New( “AI Random Run” )
schdRunner:EngTask(“TASK_GET_PATH_TO_RANDOM_NODE”, 128)
schdRunner:EngTask(“TASK_RUN_PATH”, 0)
schdRunner:EngTask(“TASK_RELOAD”, 0)

But since this makes the SNPC run to nodes, it wouldn’t work the way i want. Is it possible to make specified positions for this SNPC to follow?
Lets say that it spawns, it begins to run to the position 100,200,0 and then to 400,100,0. It would help me really much!

These might could help!

I was thinking that you did not have to change the map to make this SNPC walk to the specific places, but thanks anyway!

Oh well. Might please excuse mine cruel English! I’m bettering it!